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Using series? / other cl related tools available

If you are using Dick Waters series & generator package (as described in
CLtL/2) and would like fi:clman manual pages, ftp to

and get file cl-lib-3-41.tar.Z

Uncompress and untar the file (will go into a directory cl-lib).
cl-lib/series/series is a manual page directory you can merge with
clman by simply linking that directory into your fi/manual directory
that your clman knows about (installation option; consult with who
installed your emacs and or fi subsystem).

My "see also" entries aren't as complete as they might be, but I still
think this will be useful if you are using this package. (note that this
directory contains the distributed package, with minor changes for
compatibility, in source and compiled form).


Of course, there may be other parts of cl-lib you will find of interest.
:cl-lib is a compilable loadable sysetem (once you load
cl-lib/defsystem), and is compatilbe with allegro 4.1 and 4.2b

In particular, cl-lib has files that:

extend allegro's defsystem with edit-system and provide example-modules
(loadable but not compilable files); See allegro-stuff.lisp;

A large variety of library functions (see cl-extensions.lisp;

An initializations package similar to what was available on MIT lisp
machine descendants.

Some additional compatibility functions wrt processes between allegro
and symbolics (see process.lisp)

re to dfa converter (re-to-dfa.lisp)

A version of lisp-machine resources (puts you in control of memeory
management). See resources.lisp

If you have any problems with these tools, I'd like to hear about it. In
addition there are a variety of pd/freeware tools available in this
directory the I **don't** maintain, but those files should point to the
owner (or I can).

Note that we use .fasl2 to designate binaries for 4-2b vs. fasl for 4-1

Brad Miller