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Please Add Me To The Mail List


I've a little problem with the multiprocessing-code:
I'm working on a Sparkstation/Unix X11 environment and I shall write a
graphical interface for our parser. The main problem I have, is to
choose a window toolkit that allows me to:
- write text into it
- draw lines
- resize it (but without polling the window the whole time)
- have scroll bars

If anybody knows about a free toolkit, please write me back. Actually I
work with a toolkit, developed at our institute, but the only way I can
catch a window resize is to check the size the whole time. I intend to
write a small function and let it with mp:process-wait wait until a
button is pressed, but i've never seen an example program, that uses
mp:process-wait. Please, could someone post me an example?

Thank You!

Ingo L. Neis