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Please Add Me To The Mail List


The best free (or commercial) toolkit around for Common Lisp users is
GARNET from CMU.  It provides everything you asked for and lots of
built-in gadgets and widgets. You can get more info about it from
garnet@cs.cmu.edu. Write them and they will tell you how to obtain
GARNET by anonymous ftp.

Here's a brief excerpt from the abstract (typos are mine):

"The Garnet User Interface Development Environment contains a
comprehensive set of tools that make it significantly easier to design
and implement highly interactive, graphical direct manipulation user
interfaces. Garnet provides a high level of support, while still being
Look-and-Feel independent and providing the applications with
tremendous flexibility."

I found Garnet to be well-documented and supported. If you want to
avoid reinventing a probably much inferior wheel, drop them a line.

-Jeff Berger

P.S. My only connection with Garnet is as a satisfied user.

Jeff Berger			|USmail:	Ryerson 256
berger@cs.uchicago.edu	        |		Artificial Intelligence Lab
PH: (312) 702-8584		|		1100 East 58th Street
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