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GNU Emacs 19.8 (or later) and the Allegro Emacs-Lisp interface

Since 19.8 (through .10) was released in the last week, I thought I'd
head off the avalanche of questions regarding the Franz emacs-lisp

We believe that the emacs-lisp interface will work with GNU Emacs 19.x
(were x is > 7).  The only thing that will not work is the presenting
lisp listeners in Allegro Composer--that works currently only under

Regarding lemacs 19.x (where x < 8), the same comments above apply,
except there is a problem with the `mark' command (it was changed
incompatibly in lemacs) and some things might be a little weird (C-c
C-p, for example, works the first time only).

In the next month or two I expect to have another public release of
the emacs-lisp interface, and I expect it will work better with all
`current' versions of emacs.

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