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Re: [spr8482] `bandwidth' of Allegro CL -- Emacs interface

>> after
>> forcing Epoch to settle the communication channel on pipes instead of
>> on ptys (by setting `process-connection-type' to nil) things seem to
>> work fine.
>> so, i figure there is something affecting only the input in ptys (or
>> does the printout from the lisp world come back to Epoch some other
>> way) --- anyone out there with a reasonable explanation?  (oh, yes:
>> stty(1) tells me the pty is setup `cs8', no parity, `-strip'.)

I don't understand what the problem with "input in ptys" you are
talking about.  Please explain.

>> however, the main question remains: do i loose any of the Allegro --
>> {GNU Emacs | Epoch} interface capabilities when running on pipes?

I didn't know about the variable process-connection-type until I read
your message.  I suspect that it should have no effect, but I can't
say for sure.

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