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Need help in building a stand alone lisp binary


	I get the following error when I try to build a lisp binary. 
	Basically I am trying the install.sh script given in 
	technical memo #19: "Delivering applications written in ACL".

	The error occurs when ucl is run. Basically this is my 
	output. For people who know of this sort of thing the
	error occurs when ucl is run when making $(binary) in 
	the Makefile Mf. If this is of any use we are running SunOS 4.1.3
	on a Sparc 1 - 10.

						-- Venkatesh Nayak
						Grad Student
						ICS, UH Manoa


Creating user.blob from /usr/ics/cl/build/cl-train-devel.cvs.Z /home/3/nayak/ttchen/app-wrap.cvs
processed from standard input, read 3015 codevector(s)
dropped 337 replications
Dropped 980 duplicates
Wrote 1697 vectors, 1215512 bytes to /tmp/cvs17010
rcp /tmp/cvs17010 nfs.ics:/home/3/nayak/ttchen/user.blob
rm /tmp/cvs17010
creating /tmp/cvs17010 from user.blob (1215512 bytes)
rcp /tmp/cvs17010 nfs.ics:/home/3/nayak/ttchen/static.o
rm /tmp/cvs17010
/bin/mv cl_nih ../lib
rm -f ucl
nm -go ucl | sed 's/.* \([^ ]*\)$/\1/' | grep -v ' U ' | sort | uniq > uclsyms
for i in `comm -12 removesyms uclsyms`; do /usr/ics/cl/build/bin/symbash -s $i -f ucl; done
rm -f uclsyms
Initial generation spread = 1
Allocated 12587064 bytes for old space
Allocated 2097152 bytes for new space
; fasl-bundle skipping file sys/startup.fasl...
sendsig: bad signal stack pid=17094, sig=10
sigsp = 0xf7863d80, action = 0x55a9f8, upc = 0x17d14
sh: 17094 Illegal instruction - core dumped
*** Error code 132
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `/home/3/nayak/ttchen/app-wrap'
newspace=300k oldspace=256k compiler=no devel=no xcw=no composer=no