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Allegro CL 4.2beta2.0

Howdy -

We just received version 4.2beta2.0 of ALCL, and I'm wondering what to
expect.  I intend to fully read the accompanying release notes, but I
thought I'd get a little information as quickly as possible.  My
questions are directed at users who have this release, as well as
Franz folks.  For context, we run principally on Sparc2s and a

My understanding is that the compiler is quite a bit smarter in this
release.  What sort of speed (and memory) improvements might we notice
if we did nothing at all to our code?  (We currently have fairly
minimal declarations.)

What would we gain with more liberal declarations (that we wouldn't
have gained from the previous release)?

Finally, are there any "gotcha"s that other users have run into, that
aren't delineated in the release notes?

Thanks for any information you can provide.

John Burger