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Re: [spr8675] Need help in building a stand alone lisp binary

>> ./config +defaults temp=/tmp config_debug=yes \
>> 	binary=$HOME/ttchen/app-wrap library=../lib \
>> 	restart_function=application-top-level $sdir/app-wrap.fasl \
>> 	+presto stub_file=$sdir/app-wrap.stubs +text $sdir/app-wrap.cvs 
>> 	composer=no xcw=no devel=no compiler=no \
>> 	oldspace=256k newspace=300k

You are allowed to specify the existing library, as you have done, if
you are planning to keep it around.  However, you should be specifying
an absolute pathname instead of a relative one.  This is because the
lisp must always be able to find the library, no matter what directory
it is currently in.  Try specifying an absolute pathname for the
library and let me know if you have any other problems with the

>> Initial generation spread = 1
>> Allocated 12587064 bytes for old space
>> Allocated 2097152 bytes for new space
>> ; fasl-bundle skipping file sys/startup.fasl...
>> This time it core dumps.

The actual failure that occurs when the ucl tries to load the startup
file (from files.bu in the library directory) may vary, but this
ungraceful death has been fixed in 4.2.beta2.

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