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Accesing CLOS objects from C?


I am making a c function which can be a CLOS-method or a part of it.
To establish this functionality, CLOS objects should be accessed
directly from C functions.
Unfortunately, unlike other basic LISP objects(e.g. LIST, FIXNUM), the
structure of CLOS-objects are not described in lib/misc/lisp.h. 

Does anyone know how to access CLOS-objects from C?
Or am I doing dirty work??

I think the easiest way is that at first CLOS-object is cut into basic
LISP object by CLOS-methods and then passed into C functions and the
return values are composed again into CLOS-object. But I think this 
will cost a lot of overhead. I am also interested at this point. Any
comment is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Kashiwabuchi Kazunobu
Transport Processing Laboratory
NTT Transmission Systems Labs.