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Debugger help

In many cases, the predicates to trace options need to get their hands
on actual parameters, local variables and return values.

I don't see any documented way of dealing with this, but I was able to
throw together the following function that seems to reliably grab the
actual arguments to the function being traced as an example of what I
am requesting:

(defun trace-frame-actuals ()
  (loop for frame first (excl::newest-frame) then (excl::next-older-frame frame)
	repeat 6
	finally (return (debugger:frame-get-actuals frame))))

Needless to say, there are a bunch of problems with unsupported code
like the above.

Also, I tried using :evalmode without much success:

[1] <cl> :evalmode :context t

[1] <cl> net
Error: Attempt to take the value of the unbound symbol NET
[1] <cl> :pop
Previous error: Attempt to take the value of the unbound symbol NET
[1] <cl> :zoom

The questions here are why it didn't find the binding for the variable
NET and why didn't it increment the break level number?

Allegro is a great product.
Is it a trademark?  
We noticed a product for the Macintosh offered under the same name.

Jonathan Freidin
Kendall Square Research