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Re: inspecting elements of stack frames

>> Does anyone know of a way to invoke the Allegro CL inspector on the
>> elements displayed by the debugging command ":local"?
>> It seems like such a natural thing to do that I can't help but feel I
>> am just not seeing the appropriate command in the manual.

It may not be explicitly documented, but this is probably what you want:

[1] <USER 39> :local
Compiled lexical environment:
0: NIL
1: NIL
3: NIL
[1] <USER 40> :local 2
[1] <USER 41> (setf foo *)

[1] <USER 42> (inspect foo)
EXCL::SIMPLE-ERROR structure instance @ #x948609 = .long item.
   0 excl-type ----> Bit field: #x3d
   1 structure-name -> The symbol EXCL::SIMPLE-ERROR
   2 -DUMMY-SLOT- -> The symbol NIL
   3 FORMAT-ARGUMENTS -> (KLASDF), a proper list with 1 element
   4 FORMAT-STRING -> A simple-string (50) that starts "Attempt to take "
[2] <USER 44><i> 

We're also in the process of releasing a programming environment, called
Composer, that would achieve the same end through windows and mouse 

							George Jacob
							Franz Inc.