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Welcome to Allegro-CL@Berkeley.EDU

This message is to inform users of Franz Inc. products of some changes to
this mailing list as well as reintroduce the purpose of this list so as to
inject some life back into it.  This list "Allegro-CL@Berkeley.EDU" (case
doesn't matter when sending to it) is really just the old "excl-forum" list
with a new name.  For backwards compatability, mail to
"excl-forum@Berkeley.EDU" will be forwarded to this list.

Requests to be added to or deleted from this list should be sent to
"Allegro-CL-request@Berkeley.EDU" (again, case doesn't matter when sending
to it).

The purpose of this list is for users of Franz Inc.'s Allegro CL Common
Lisp and products layered on top of Allegro CL (eg, Allegro Composer,
Common Windows, etc.) to exchange information and for Franz Inc. to be able
to send non-commercial announcements to its users.  While this list is
unmoderated and completely open, the staff of Franz Inc. are subscribed to
this list.  Even so, no guarantee is made that information mentioned on
this list will be accurate or truthful.

If you are having problems with a Franz Inc. product or require technical
assistance from Franz Inc., you are encouraged to contact Franz Inc.
directly rather than use this list.  They can be reached at
"info@Franz.COM" or (415) 548-3600.  If you want to report a bug, you can
use the same phone number or use the address "bugs@franz.com".

On the other hand, if you have a question you think might be of general
interest, or have code you'd like to make available to other Allegro CL
users, this list is the place.

There are a couple of confusing items that should be mentioned.  First,
there are actually two separate versions of Common Lisp called Allegro CL.
In addition to what Franz Inc. currently produces, which runs mainly on
unix-based machines, there is Allegro CL for the Mac II which runs under
Mac OS.  This version, originally developed by Coral Software, and later
jointly sold and supported by both Coral Software and Franz Inc. is now
sold and supported by Apple Computer.

Another possibly confusing item is that Franz Inc. offers another older
dialect of Lisp called Franz Lisp which has its own mailing list
(franz-friends@Berkeley.EDU) and associated usenet newsgroup
(comp.lang.lisp.franz).  Franz Lisp is separate from Allegro CL Common

With all that cleared up (I hope), feel free now to participate.

	Charley Cox