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Re: Streams & Sockets

>> Hello, I am new to Allegro CL and need to make something like Lucid3.0's
>> make-lisp-stream which, given descriptors (in this case socket descriptors,)
>> returns a character-based lisp stream. I found appropriate information
>> in the ipc.cl library file. I would like to have more documentation about
>> some functions:

All of these functions are internal and subject to change.  We
actually have no documentation on these, other than source code.  I'll
give you the flavor of each, though.

>> mp::mpwatchfor

Sets a mask which watches for asynronous input on a file descriptor.

>> mp::mpunwatchfor

The inverse of the above.

>> excl::make-buffered-terminal-stream

Makes a stream, from file descriptors, which is buffered on output.

>> excl::sm_read-char

Generic (works on any stream) internal function to read a character.

>> mp::stm-bterm-read-string-char-wait

Reads a string-char and does a process wait when no characters are

>> excl::sm_bterm-out-pos

The output position for a buffered terminal stream.

Can you give me more info on what make-lisp-stream does?  I might have
some hints as to how you could do it.

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