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Emacs problem solved!

In reference to a BBoard posted that complained about SCORE-Emacs being too
slow even when the load was very low:

I just  found out  what the  problem was.   What happened  to me  was  than
whenever I typed a command  that would reposition the  page (^O, or ^K  for
example) the terminal would  freeze for about 10-15  seconds.  Of course  I
blamed this on the  system being slow.  But  what really happened was  that
Score either sent a whole series of null characters, or a string of control
characters that effectively froze up  the terminal.  I made this  discovery
by observing the CHAR-RECEIVE LED on my MODEM.

After much searching I isolated the following line in my Emacs.INIT file:

!* If the System doen't know what Baud Rate the terminal is using, !
!* set it to 1200 baud to avoid excessive padding. !

@:I*| 2 FS Echo Linesâ—Š FS OSpeedâ—Š"E 1200 FS OSpeedâ—Š' | FS TTY Macroâ—Š
FS TTY Initâ—Š

I really don't have the foggiest idea  what TECO is all about.  I got  this
line straight from the LEDIT init file at CMU!  But just in case some other
poor slob is complaining, you will know what to tell them.  --Shawn