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keyboard macros

I would like to be able to do the following
task in emacs. Please tell me if there is an easy
way to do this. If there is not an enasy way to
do this, it would be nice if someone would
fix emacs to give it this capability.

desired task:
I would like to be able 
1) to assign names to sequennces of emacs commands (OK)
2) to execute such keyboard macros (OK)
3) to save such keyboard macros
4) to have my emacs init file read in my keyboard macros

Furthermore, I DO NOT want to have to use teco or
have to know anything about teco.
It would be nice if emacs provided keyboard macros
facilities with the same high level interface
that is provided for word abbreviations.

Also, it would be nice if emacs had better programming
primitives (conditionals, numeric operators, variables)
for use in keyboard macros.

Any decent text editor should provide these
fundamental building blocks for
creating new editing commands.

Thanks--Alan Sherman