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    Date: 11 September 1984 00:58-EDT
    From: Donald E. Hopkins <A2DEH @ MIT-MC>

    I'm running a terminal program on my Apple that emulated a VT52 with 
    line/character insert/delete, using $L, $M, $P, $Q, and $R for insert
    line, delete line, delete character, enter insert mode, and exit insert 
    mode, respectivly. I use
    :tctyp vt52 +%tolid +%tocid  .....
    :tctyp<cr> gets:
    VT52, Padtab=1, +%tocid, +%tolid, Query
    I did not specify the padtab. I tried :tctyp padtab 0<cr>, and restarting 
    emacs, and now it uses a series of $C's instead of spaces. When I type
    a tab, it then goes to the right with $C's, too. 

On display terminals the PADTAB field is recycled to control cursor
positioning options rather than padding for tabs (only printing
terminals need padding for tabulation.)  Unfortunately TCTYP doesn't
know to print the field with a type-dependent name.

Part of what's happening to you is that ITS is smart and compensates for
the numerous bugs in (some) VT52s having to do with cursor positioning.
The value of PADTAB you want might be 3, I don't remember for sure.