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I'm running a terminal program on my Apple that emulated a VT52 with 
line/character insert/delete, using $L, $M, $P, $Q, and $R for insert
line, delete line, delete character, enter insert mode, and exit insert 
mode, respectivly. I use
:tctyp vt52 +%tolid +%tocid 
...It's got 80 columns by 24 lines... Now, the problem: it seems to like
to use relative cursor motion instead of absolute, and in Emacs, when I do 
something that moves the cursor forward several columns, it moves it by
printing spaces, which wipes out what is on the screen between where the 
cursor starts and ends up. I am typing to MAIL right now, and when a line
exceeds the screen width, and wraps around with a ! in the right column,
and I ^W the word that made it wrap, the cursor first erases the end
of the word on the line it's on with a series of <bs><sp><bs>'s, then
spaces out to the right side of the screen on that same line, moves up, and 
erases the rest of the word with <bs><sp><bs>'s. This is quite annoying at
300 baud... I have never had this problem until recently. It seems to
have started within the last several days, although I have not used this
terminal program for a month or two. I have always had the same problem
when I specify :tctyp hp , which gets the line/char ins/del codes right,
but uses relative cursor motion all the time. (could have something to
do with the god awful absolute cursor motion sequences of the hp.)
In Emacs, after, say, refreshing the screen, the cursor is moved to
where the point is in the file with an $H for home, a series of spaces, and a 
series of ^J's. I have yet to see an $Y for absolute cursor motion.
:tctyp<cr> gets:
VT52, Padtab=1, +%tocid, +%tolid, Query
I did not specify the padtab. I tried :tctyp padtab 0<cr>, and restarting 
emacs, and now it uses a series of $C's instead of spaces. When I type
a tab, it then goes to the right with $C's, too. 

Oh, sigh, I hope I've been concise enough...

Gack, lose, lose, lose... *SIGH*