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Use of EMACS on TOPS-20 with IBMPC/XT

We are trying to use EMACS when logged into EECS with a PC/XT running UNIX.
We are using the canned CONNECT program, and do not have the option of 
easily changing our terminal characteristics. It is quite inconvenient to 
reboot PC-DOS in order to run KERMIT or an H-19 emulator. We are not with 
	The VT100 terminal type almost works. We would like to add the 
IBMPC type to whatever table EMACS uses to decide what it is talking to.
By way of example, if we were talking to a UNIX system, we would add a 
suitable termcap or terminfo entry. Can this be done for the EMACS which 
runs on EECS? That is, can we define a new terminal type which EMACS could 
use to talk to us?