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need help with Ungermann-Bass interface!

Date: Wednesday, 29 August 1984  15:04-PDT

 I'm back again, with another problem...
 His office terminal connects to the outside world (including Ward) via
an Ungerman-Bass box which interprets several control characters for its
own purposes - making them inconvenient to type.  In particular:

	Character	Meaning
	 ^S, ^Q		Flow control between terminal and U-B,
			NOT passed through to Ward
	 ^T CR		Hang up.  The U-B HOLDS the ^T until
			it sees the next character; if it IS NOT
			CR, then both ^T and CR are sent.
	 ^P		Datalink escape.  Any character treated
			specially can be quoted by ^P.
 That's all I've discovered so far.  Also, this isn't quite right,
since we could not reliably get a ^S to Ward (using ^P^S.); similarly
for ^Q.
 So, the bottom line is: {^P,^Q,^S,^T,...?} are unusable.  This is
bad, but perhaps there is a work-around?  Immediate problems:
	1) When typeout longer than 1 page go from Ward to the
	   terminal, output stops at the page break - waiting for the
	   ^Q we can't type.  Current fix: set the page length to 0
	   and try to read fast.  Can we do better?

	2) EMACS is a disaster without {^P,^Q,^S,^T}.  Can you advise
	   on how to bind a different set of keys to get their
	   effects?  Note that we really need substitutes for these
	   keys in every context (the fun started when he asked me how
	   to save a file he was editting, and I said "^X^S" - guess
	   what happened?)
 All help appreciated.
-Ken Sloan