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Improved TOPS-20 EDIT command

I have finished making the improvements to the EDIT command I mentioned.
The changes are:
 (1) Use full name of file always, so EMACS doesn't get confused
 (3) Add /GOTO: switch to go to a specific character in a file
     (for programs like TeX to use to go to error locations)
 (2) Reuse old EMACS fork even if given a new filename, using FS SUPERIOR.

Contrary to what I said in the previous two messages, this should require
no changes to EMACS itself.  A SRCCOM of EXECED.MAC is available in
<ANONYMOUS>EXECED.DIF on Sierra; you will also need to add GOTOR as a
global somewhere (I did it in EXECGL).  I don't think this relies
on any other Stanford changes...