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	Syntax for FS SUPERIOR and normal JCL are different.

Cure:	Add the following line to EMACS:EMACS.INIT after the line that
	looks for commands after an escape:

       J :S,◊"N .(ZJ≡JI),Z@FX1 -D' !* IF LOCATION TO GO TO, ADD IT TO Q1!

	A better solution would also put the escape code in FS SUPERIOR,
	or make a common routine for them both to call.

In case you are wondering why I care about all of this, I am working
on the EXEC EDIT command so that it uses FS SUPERIOR if you ask to
edit a file and you already have an EMACS fork, and to have a switch
so that you can type


and be put at character 123 of the file (this would be for programs
such as TeX that like to put you in the editor at the position of an error).