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I did m-? c-X R and it told me that c-X R can get a string argument, but
it was not clear how to do this so I tried APROPOS which told me nothing.

The output from m-? disguised the fact that c-X R is simply m-X Read Mail,
I guess m-X Read mail <Altmode> string argument <Return> is what I wanted.

    Date: Mon 28 Nov 83 09:59:21-EST
    In-Reply-To: Message from "Devon S. McCullough <DEVON @ MIT-MC>" of Mon 28 Nov 83 08:16:00-EST

    Apropos tells you about commands whose names contain a specified string.

A more useful thing for APROPOS to do would be to try to be HELPFUL.

    If you want to see how to give an argument, look in the INFO file.

As usual, the needs of people modeming at 120 c/s are simply ignored,
maybe rightly so.  I'm not going to look at windy manuals with only
iffy chances of actually addressing the question at hand, at 120 c/s.
Instead of penalizing me for not knowing (or wanting to know) TECO,
we could make the system a bit more integrated, a bit friendlier.