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    Date: 28 November 1983 08:16 EST
    From: Devon S. McCullough <DEVON>
    To:   BUG-EMACS

    I wanted to run Babyl on a particular file (not my default babyl file)
    and I happened to be in EMACS so I thought ^X R runs Babyl (for me)
    so maybe it can take an argument somehow... m-? ^X R reveals that
    sure enough, it takes a string argument.  Apropos: String Arg
    however, reveals no information at all.

    But APROPOS really should say something about such a fundamental
    thing as how to give a command an argument!

How about M-X babylâ—Šfilename
This form is documented in the manual.
You may have to do M-X Load Libraryâ—Šbabyl