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esoteric emacs complaint

Using EMACS 162 here at Score, I've run into the following problem: I
start up EMACS on a Heath/Zenith terminal with the normal EDIT
command.  I exit with ^x^s.  The fork is KEPT.  I DETACH the job.  I
go to a DM2500 and ATTACH the job.  I START the EMACS fork.  It mostly
works, but there is a problem with scrolling.  In particular, if I do
a ^V and then a ^P, it looks like EMACS is telling my DM to (slowly)
insert blank lines at the top, and then it fills them in, but not very
successfully (the screen gets somewhat garbaged).  It seems that EMACS
is only partially noticing that my terminal type changed.  A ^L fixes
everything until the next partial-scroll of the screen.  Of course, ^V
and ESC-V work perfectly, and if I start a new EMACS on the DM, it
works fine.
	I hope this is of some interest.