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Change to the MODLIN library

The MODLIN library now supports a new option, which allows you to see your
filenames in inverted order (as on a Lisp Machine, if you're familiar with
that). The variable is Invert Filenames, which defaults to 0 (the old behavior).
If you set it to 1, you get inverted filenames. eg,

  Normal		Inverted
  FOO;BAR >		BAR > FOO;		on ITS

This may be useful for people who care more about what filename they are editing
than what directory it is on and who typically use filenames long enough that
some part of the filename gets trucated in their modeline for lack of space.

This features is available in MODLIN version 67, which has been distributed
to XX, ML, MC, DM, and OZ. Sources are on MC: EMACS1; MODLIN 67 and

Please report bugs to KMP@MC.