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    Date: Fri, 8 Jul 1983  13:48 EDT
    From: Leigh L. Klotz <KLOTZ@MIT-OZ>
    In-reply-to: Msg of 8 Jul 1983  11:56-EDT from ZVONA

        Date: Friday, 8 July 1983  11:56-EDT
        From: ZVONA
        To:   bug-emacs

        It seems to be the case that if you type c-u c-@, then you have to
        wait for the c-U to be displayed at the bottom of the screen before
        typing the c-@, or else it (the c-@) is ignored.  This is not the case
        for c-U in general (e.g. c-U c-B works fine).  I thought I was
        hallucinating this for a long time, since it seems like such an odd
        behavior, but I am pretty sure it is true.
    This is a supdup bug.
Bullshit.  Try this on SPEECH.  I'll bet the bug doesn't happen
there.  This is DEC pulling another brain death when making
Release 5.  It has to do with some idiotic notion that ^@ should
be ignored except when not at interrupt level (or something like