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[no subject]

    Date: Thursday, June 2, 1983 2:45PM-EDT
    From: Bill Spitzak <SPITZAK>
    To:   MARTY
    [This was a failing send]
    Could you please restore PS:<SPITZAK>SCRIPT.MSS from the last backup
    tape that it exists on (probably the latest one). Contact Richard
    Waters (DICK) if you need confirmation that this is okay.

we certainly don't need anybody's confirmation to reload files as long as
they won't crash the system by merely being put online. i would gladly
retrieve your script.mss file if it were on tape. however, it seems not to
be. the most recent incremental dump before you sent your msg was tuesday
night. are you sure the structure, directory, etc. are correct? perhaps
you accidently wrote the file on a different directory? sorry about this.