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This is not a bug report

I am requesting assistance in learning how to add terminals to teco.mid
so we can use our terminals with emacs.

I am not an excellent  programmer, but generally able to hack what you
guys in that category have done so well.

I want to start by adding the Zentec 9003 programmable terminal. I have
reviewed teco.mid extensivly and now need to understand what things

ior b,[.byte 8 ? 0 ? 40 ? 33 ? "K]

mean. I assume the "K is escape K, the rest is Greek.

I have had others add terminals for me , but I realize this is a lot
of work I should be doing for myself. To do so, I need to know where
to look for expertise.

The reason for sending to this group is that I understand this is the
group with all the expertise, so where else could I better turn?

Sincere thanks for any advise and assistance.