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SKETCH Library

I had a Sketch library which a few people were using and it had a number
of misfeatures that people didn't seem to like, so it's just been redone
in an incompatible-but-better (I hope) way.

Loading the library SKETCH will set up c-m-S as a dispatch character for
Sketch commands. You can create libraries of sketches and list the contents
of such libraries. You can insert, edit, or view existing sketches from
a library.

The library is mostly self-documenting. A few relevant things that are
not really documented anywhere...

Anything in the sketch which has angle brackets around it will be prompted
for. Hence, you can have a sketch like:

 Dear <Name>,

 Hi, how are you?

and it will prompt "Name: " when you try to insert it, making the obvious
replacement. If you want to put a "<" into a sketch, put control-Q before it.
Also, the character "~" is used to mark the position in the sketch where
you want the cursor to end up. As you might expect, control-Q will quote it.
Also, the format of sketch libraries has changed; control-L separates entries
(also requiring control-Q if it wants to exist in a sketch).

Apologies for any problems this incompatibility will cause. I think the
general effect will be for the better.

Non-MIT maintainers can get the new library from MC:EMACS1;SKETCH 51 or

Send questions/bugs to KMP@MIT-MC.