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destructive mode line

Apologies up front if this turns out to be a tty controller problem instead
of an EMACS one...
I'm running EMACS on 20x with a (Zenith) Z29 tty.  If I'm unfortunate enough
to be typing at the same time that the mode line is getting updated, two bad
things happen:
	1) One or more characters that were being typed at the critical time
	   are not echoed to the screen.  Redisplaying the line in question,
	   though, reveals that they *do* make it into the buffer.  This part
	   happens consistently.
	2) Occasionally a ^Q gets inserted into the input stream.  This is
	   obviously (?) something trying to perform XON/XOFF control and
	   not succeeding.

Problem 1 happens in both Zenith and Ansi modes.  I haven't seen 2 happen
in Ansi mode yet (though it MAY) - so it could be related to the problem
I've had in Zenith mode where scrolling the buffer can generate XOFF's.
I really don't know enough about EMACS to speculate on the source of
either problem.
Anybody recognize either of these symptoms?  Anything I can do to fix 'em?
(solutions that don't involve switching tty types or editors preferred!)