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Emacs' escape character generation for VT100 in ansi mode

Rob, I have been using a terminal emulator on my Mac called Red Ryder,
which implements emulation of the vt100 in ansi mode.  Nevertheless,
when I do term vt100 ansi on XX and then run Emacs, I get somewhat
garbled output at times.  I note that at both startup and exit, Emacs
sends the escape sequence ESC < to the terminal.  According to my
not-very-complete documentation, this command is part of the VT52
mode command set of the VT100, in fact telling it to go into ansi
mode.  Alas, a strict implementation of the ansi command set does not
need or have this command, so the ESC is ignored, the < is printed,
and the terminal and Emacs no longer agree about where the cursor is.
I am suggesting to the makers of the terminal emulator that they add
this escape sequence (and ignore it), but it seems that the problem is
really in the way Emacs uses a non-kosher sequence.  Can/should this
be fixed?  Thanks.  --Pete