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My name is Mike Raspuzzi. I work for the TOPS-20 monitor group
at Digital Equipment Corp. I have a couple of EMACS questions. Your
name appears on the sources and I thought you would be the person
to contact.

I noticed that EMACS does some hand waving to obtain the directory
for finding the personal EMACS.INIT file of the user. Can you change
this so that it uses the GETJI% JSYS to slam the login directory
into HSNAME? We have done so for our EMACS but other people may
want this feature.

This question is a little more along a major enhancement type question.
Is it possible to have EMACS use the SMAP% JSYS to map its buffers
into extended space? This would allow for more than 4 or 5 buffers of
good sized files. Is this improvement asking a lot?

Mike Raspuzzi
LSBU Software Engineering
TOPS-20 monitor group