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FS ^R PAREN clobberage

When I try to read in the file <INFO>TECORD.INFO, apparently my
FS ^R PAREN variable becomes permanently clobbered to 0.  This doesn't seem
to be a side effect of going into Text Mode, as I can go into that mode
by hand (or read in .TXT files) without problems.  The only thing I can
think of is that the "Local variables" at the end of the TECORD file
are somehow screwing up, but it isn't obvious to me how they are managing
to do so, or how they should be changed to avoid this lossage.

At the moment the only way I know how to "fix" this and get back the
feature of having close-parens point out the open-parens is to kill my
EMACS and start another one.  I know there must be a better way but
I no longer have the time to grovel through TECORD trying to make sense
of everything.  (The EMACS Describe function didn't help me at all; it
wasn't until I actually looked at TECO.MID that I could understand why
")" sometimes had special actions and sometimes didn't).  Not the
recommended method for finding information.