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    Date: Mon, 6 Apr 87 14:59:55 est
    From: Scott Shurr <sshurr%wellesley.edu@RELAY.CS.NET>
    To: bug-emacs@mc.lcs.mit.edu
    Subject: TOPS-20
    I'm seeking information about EMACS editors for TOPS-20 systems.  The
    one we have now identifies itself as "EMACS Editor, version 162", and
    was supposedly written by Richard Stallman.  He suggested that I
    contact this group.  I'm trying to find out if there is a newer
    version, and, if so, how I can obtain one.  Any information on any
    emacs editors for TOPS-20 would also be appreciated.  Please respond
    directly to my address as I do not receive this list.  Thanks very
    Scott Shurr - Academic Computing   | internet: sshurr@wellesley.edu
    Science Center, Wellesley College  | phone: 617-235-0320 X3262
    Wellesley, MA 02181                |

unfortunately, version 162 is the most recent distribution version. a
little work has been done on EMACS in the past several years, so that the
version now used at MIT is a few numbers higher. but this must be
considered an experimental version, as the changes have been installed
piecemeal, the documentation has not been updated, and a new distribution
tape has not been made. the only way you can get this is to FTP it off
XX.LCS.MIT.EDU. RMS used to work pretty much full time on maintaining
EMACS; since he went on to other projects, no one else has been able to put
in anything like that effort, as even the other interested EMACS hackers
have to spend most of their time on the jobs they are being paid for..