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Emacs ver 163

    Date: Tuesday, 31 March 1987  09:39-EST
    Sender: Nandu Desai <CC.DESAI@R20.UTEXAS.EDU>
    From: Nandu Desai <CC.DESAI@R20.UTEXAS.EDU>
    To: sra@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU
    Subject:   Emacs ver 163
    ReSent-From: SRA@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU
    ReSent-Date: Tue 31 Mar 1987 21:59-EST
    Dear Sir,
    	I am presently attempting to install version 163 of emacs here
    at the Research 20 at U-Texas at Austin.  I tried to ftp the files in
    the emacs: directory at mit-xx.  After changing the config.mid file to
    include terminals used here at UT, I tried to reassemble emacs.  But it
    didn't work.
    	My question is this.  Is it possible to install a new version
    of emacs by using the emacs: directory at mit-xx alone OR is it
    necessary to get the emacs tape?  If the latter is true how do I go
    about obtaining such a tape?
   	I realize that I might be directing my inquiries to the wrong
    person.  Maybe you could guide me to the correct authorities.
	We are currently running ver 162.

probably the only way you can get v.163 is by FTP from XX -- the most
recent distribution version is 162. no one here is working full time on
emacs, and those hackers who have been paying some attention to it have had
to spend most of their time on other projects, so we have not been able to
put together a new distribution tape, updated documentation, etc., for
about 5 years..