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Emacs ver 163

Dear Sir,
	I am presently attempting to install version 163 of emacs here at the
Research 20 at U-Texas at Austin.  I tried to ftp the files in the  emacs: 
directory at mit-xx.  After changing the config.mid file to include terminals
used here at UT, I tried to reassemble emacs.  But it didn't work.

	My question is this.  Is it possible to install a new version of emacs
by using the emacs: directory at mit-xx alone  OR is it necessary to get the
emacs tape?  If the latter is true how do I go about obtaining such a tape?

	I realize that I might be directing my inquiries to the wrong person.
Maybe you could guide me to the correct authorities.

	We are currently running ver 162.

	Thank you.