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VT100 TECTRM bug


In BABYL and ZBABYL on a VT100 or similar terminal, a "Q" or ^X^Z
leaves the cursor at the top of an uncleared screen instead of the
bottom, as intended.


In some versions of TECTRM.MID, somebody got over zealous and "fixed"
VT1INI ("FORCE ANSII [sic] MODE") to include an ORIGIN reset sequence,
"$[?6l".  This has the side effect of overriding any previous curpos
sequence and put the cursor at the top of the screen.


A "quick fix" is to remove the ORIGIN reset sequence, which is
patchable in TECPUR.EXE.  The "correct" (untested) fix would be to
envelope the ORIGIN mode reset with a Save Cursor and Restore Cursor
sequence, resulting in: $<$7$[?6l$8 .