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change in auto save behavior?

Since I switched from EMACS to NEMACS on AI, I have noticed a
change in Auto Save behavior.  Here are some relevant lines from
my EVARS file:

Auto Save Default:1
Auto Save Visited File:1
Auto Save All Buffers:1

It used to be the case that, when an autosave happened in the
course of editing or when I exited EMACS with ^X^C, the file I
was visiting would be autosaved under its own names (if the
second name was >).  I thought this was what Auto Save Visited
File was for.  But now, the file gets saved as _SAV00 > (actually
the 00 is replaced by the buffer number, as usual).

I am not sure that this change is due to the change in Emacs
version, since I made other customizations about the same time.
Is it plausible that this is an Emacs problem?