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Text[Biblio] Abbrev

I got WEDGED as follows:

In EMACS, I ←ε my file MBIB.BIB.  This (by some default) puts me in
Text[Biblio] Save Abbrev mode (not what I want, since Scribe[Biblio] etc. mode
would be preferable, but acceptable so far).  Next ←ε to another file FOO.MSS
and change automatically to Scribe[Biblio] Save Abbrev mode (not what I want,
since Scribe Save Abbrev WITHOUT Biblio would be preferable, but still
acceptable).  Finally, try to quit with autosaving by doing ←≠ and discover
that Abbrev mode wants to write the BIBLIO ABBREV file to which I don't have
(or want) write access, AND I CAN'T QUIT EMACS except by ^C'ing out and

In wedged state, meta-X'ing out of [Biblio] Abbrev mode DOES NOT HELP!

Seems to me [Biblio] has a design bug.  Can you fix it or advise me how to
avoid it?  Actually, it would be workable for me simply to change the default
so I never automatically entered [Biblio] mode -- only could meta-X in.  But it
would be better if the defaults were set more in harmony with the second file

Thanks, A.