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There a subtle change that occurs with long filename support, namely it is
possible to have a version number even if there is none in Buffer
Filenames.  For example buffer filenames may be "XX: GZ; FOO BAR", but the
version is 12 (because truename is "XX: GZ; FOO BAR 12").  Emacs doesn't show
the version in the mode line in this case.  To fix that, the code in & Set
Mode Line that does:

      FS D VERSâ—Š"'E+(FS D VERSâ—Š+2"'E)"L	    !* Include file's actual version number.!
	I_(â—Š G1 I)â—Š'

should be changed to:

      FS D VERSâ—Š:"G		    !* If not already shown, include version!
	q1"'g+(fs d versâ—Š+1"'n)"l I_(â—Š G1 I)â—Š''

I did this in the source, but I don't know what the state of the MC sources
is, so I didn't recompile anything.