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TECO 1210

I have built Teco 1210, finishing up the long filename support for ITS
started (but apparently not debugged) in 1209.  (1210 also contains one more
terminal type for twenex, mainly to free up the OZ disk space that the
waiting-for-merging copy of teco was taking up).

There was an apparently bogus file in EMACS;EMACS :EJ.  I renamed it to
EMACS BAD:EJ, and made EMACS :EJ a link to [PURE] >.  I then built an
Emacs on Teco 1210, which is EMACS;TS 126.
It seems that SYS2;TS EMACS has been a link to EMACS;TS NE since '82. I
made it a link to EMACS;TS E, and made EMACS;TS E a link to EMACS;TS 125
(it used to point to TS 123).
Thus :EMACS is unchanged, and :NEMACS gets you the new emacs.