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terminal problems (maybe?)

I need to know if anyone else has this problem.  It might not be here.

I'm coming in on a chtn (telnet protocol) from a VAXstation100, which
looks like an ansi terminal (or at least is supposed to), except it's
65 lines long.  So I do a ter ans and a ter len 65.  All is well until
I run emacs.  When I exit emacs, and the cursor is near the bottom of
the screen (as it usually is when you exit normally), the cursor moves
normally until the bottom is reached, and then the screen doesn't
scroll at all.  I. e. everything is printed on the bottom line of the
screen.  When I clear the screen, everything works for the first 24
lines, and then the screen starts scrolling (i. e. it acts like a
24-line screen) even though i ter says I have a 65-line screen and the
output only pauses every 65 lines.  But when I go back into emacs,
everything's fine, I have a full 65-line screen to work with.