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EMACS illegal memory write

Thanx for the fix!  I'm not sure yet if it works, but if things break,
I'll certainly let you know.  It's good to see I wasn't completely
paranoid about this library---seems that there really was something
wrong with it.

I now notice new behavior, however, which I think is a bug.  Formerly,
if I had no new mail, either because my mailfile was deleted or had
been read recently, I got [No new mail] every time MAICHK looked.
Now, however, I get [No new mail] if the mailfile is recently read,
but No such file (note no brackets, either) if the mailfile is
deleted.  This looks like the EXEC error from looking for the
(deleted) file.

This used to work; I used to correctly get [No new mail] in either
case.  What happened?