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Re: Emacs bug

    Date: Mon 27 May 85 21:12:51-EDT
    From: Kevin B. Theobald <THEOBALD@MIT-XX.ARPA>
    Subject: Emacs bug

    I have a consistently reproducable bug somewhere in EMACS or the 
    connections (XX, ROLM) when I run it on a Z-29.

    The text below is in <THEOBALD>BUG-SCREEN.TXT

    (That is the most common result, but there are others.  Also, it happens
    elsewhere and the result seems to depend on where I am on the screen.)

    Of course, it corrects itself when I type ^L, but its still annoying,
    probably ups the load on the lines (with all the ^L-ing I have to do) 
    and is really annoying when I use MINITS at peak hours.

If I understand this properly, it seems like under certain 
circumstances, you are getting unpredictable things on your screen 
when using a Z-29.  I found this sort of problem when using a Z-29,
so I made mods to EE's Teco to deal with it.  What causes it is that
Z-29's are slower (hence, need more padding) than Z-19's for doing
Insert/Delete Character.  The worst thing I found was inserting
a single tab at the beginning of a line, but I'm sure doing a ^Y in
the right place would do it, too.  I just added another terminal
type called z29 or somesuch that was mostly like a '19, but with
more padding on insert and delete character.  I also added a new
type to EE's Monitr and Exec so that you wouldn't have to go into
Emacs and say M-X Set Terminal Type$z29 all the time (besides 
needing to support it directly for VTS).  Trouble is, TECO is
being changed quite a bit, and I don't want to make mods and mess
things up or get them lost right now.  I was going to add the
appropriate stuff to OZ's Monitr (I can't get at OZ's Exec), but
then lots of things started happening to the Monitr's around 
here also.  Assuming I could get access to sources on the other
20's (which I won't hold my breath for), I could make the mods
to the Exec and check with JTW on the state of various Monitr's
to see if they were ready to be hacked.  Since I know I won't
get access, I'd be willing to try and write down everything that
needs to be done for adding a new terminal type to Exec, Monitr,
and Emacs so someone who is motivated could do it.