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MOVEing Regions

     I should have been more explicit about what I mean by to "move"
text.  I was referring to a process similar to that which is invoked
by the word "move" in MM: to transfer text (a message, a region, etc.)
to another file (or buffer) while at the same time killing or deleting
that text in the buffer from which it is transferred.  "Move"
simultaneously appends and deletes with one command.

     The various append commands in EMACS are somewhat like "copy" in
MM: they transfer text to another buffer or file, but they don't kill
that same text in the source buffer.

     I think Babyl is also missing a MOVE command: o and c-o append
messages to another file, but they don't at the same time delete them
from the source buffer.

     MOVEing, as opposed to merely APPENDing, is often very handy.

-- Wayne