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Moving Text

    From: Wayne McGuire <MDC.WAYNE%MIT-OZ at MIT-MC.ARPA>

			       Shouldn't there exist commands like

         M-X Move to buffer

         M-X Move to file

    to do this job with less fuss?  Perhaps I've overlooked some simple
    existing incantation which already does this.

The function ^R Append to Buffer is defaultly on C-X-A.  Appending to
a file is handled by

			M-X Append to File

But some find it convenient to put this function on C-X C-A, which is
defaultly unused.  Do so by putting the following in your EMACS.INIT.

		   m.m append to file◊u:.x(≡↓)

N.B.  That is a quoted control-caret followed by a quoted control-a.