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Moving Text

    Date: Sat 6 Apr 85 06:35:17-EST
    From: Wayne McGuire <MDC.WAYNE at OZ>

         At present if one wants to move a section of a buffer to a file
    or to another buffer, one has to define the section as a region, type
    c-w (to wipe out the region), enter a new buffer, and then type c-y
    (to yank the just killed region).  Shouldn't there exist commands like

         M-X Move to buffer

         M-X Move to file

    to do this job with less fuss?  Perhaps I've overlooked some simple
    existing incantation which already does this.

It's not clear what you want.  You can't define the amount to be moved
without making a region (though the limiting case of inserting an entire
buffer or region is available).

But anyway, what would Move to buffer or move to file do?  Do you mean
"Create a new buffer (or file) consisting only of the text in the region?"
Usually I want to move something to another file and then edit it a bit, or
append it to the target file.  The normal way to do that is via putting the
target file in a buffer too.

Or are you complaining about c-W c-Y?  Perhaps you want m-W?