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";" in auto-fill mode.

This discussion seems to be a little misleading.  The default
EMACS global bindings of Comment Start is 0 (no comments), and
Text Mode doesn't bind it.  So in the default EMCAS, auto-filling
in Text mode works ok, i.e., it doesn't have the behavior EB

The problem arises if you decide to set Comment Start globablly.
Then Text Mode WOULD have a Comment Start set -- since it does
not explicitly bind it off (to 0).  EB's EMACS.VARS file does
indeed set Comment Start.

Philisophical questions (about what it means to have a global
binding of Comment Start, and what a mode should specify) aside,
there is a simple fix for EB:  Have Text Mode Hook bind the
variable to 0.  I.e., change the EMACS.VARS entry to:

Text Mode Hook: "1M.L Auto Fill Modeâ—Š
		 :I*.∂	∂ ◊M.L Paragraph Delimiter◊
		 0M.L Comment Startâ—Š
		 0M.L Comment Beginâ—Š"