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";" in auto-fill mode.

    Date: 23 Oct 1984  11:41 PDT (Tue)
    From: Sam Hsu <FHsu at WASHINGTON.ARPA>
    To:   EB%MIT-OZ at MIT-MC.ARPA
    cc:   Bug-Emacs%MIT-OZ at MIT-MC.ARPA
    Re:   ";" in auto-fill mode.

    Perhaps there shouldn't be a comment character for text mode.  Doesn't
    seem necessary for text, whereas it may be good for fundamental mode
    where one might be writing CMD files or whatever.

    It's not that Emacs thinks it's a LISP comment; it just turns out that
    the default comment begin string is ";".

When I pointed this out to RMS a while back he said that he frequently
edits code in text mode, as in documentation or mail.  It's a shame we
don't have modes for regions and automagic recognition of which one to
use.  What does zwei do in text mode for M-;/autofill?  CCA EMACS
undefines the comment character and makes M-; beep.