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    Date: Monday, 13 September 1982  14:39-PDT
    From: Jonathan Alan Solomon <JSol at USC-ECLC>
    Address: 3737 South Hoover Street Room PHE 204
             Los Angeles, California 90089-0273
    Phone: (213) 202-1793

    All of this flaming will cease when OZ runs TOPS-20 V5. Then you will
    be able to say SET PROGRAM FOO KEEP START, etc. This is so much nicer
    than the current way.

I assume 'you' (i.e. someone) can say SET PROGRAM FOO KEEP START
in the system startup so that it will apply globally to all
users.  That may introduce some new screws to user interfaces,
but it is better than the current situation.  Perhaps the V4
system startup should ensure that LISP (and other interesting
programs) have the correct AUTOKEEPedness and EPHEMERALness??